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Called to Mercy Confirmation Sponsor Experience

Confirmation sponsors immerse themselves in the same journey as their young people, and together they experience Christ’s call to live out mercy in their lives.

Questions, polls, and guide dialogue are addressed to the sponsors, as they reflect on answering the call to mercy in their own lives. All sponsors are put into one course so they can see one another’s responses.

Each module in the Sponsor Experience ends with Conversation Starter Questions for the sponsor and young person to discuss. Sponsors then meet with their young people regularly during Confirmation preparation to strengthen their relationship, reflect on their experience, and discuss how to apply their learnings in daily life.

General Info
Length: 9 Modules
Age Group: Adult
Interactive Glossary of Saints:
Mirrors Called To Mercy Course:
Online Group Activities:
Conversation Starter Questions per Module:

Course Outline & Overview


Meet Our Guides

Karen, Shawn and Lauren are the guides who will accompany and lead Confirmation candidates through Called to Mercy Sponsor Course.

Our job is to help Confirmation candidates navigate through each learning module. We have had a blast preparing all of our interactions for this program, and we hope Called to Mercy is an amazing journey for you and your Confirmation candidates. 

Bishop Frank Caggiano

Frank Caggiano was born in Brooklyn, New York, the younger of two children. His parents were Italian immigrants who came to the United States in 1958.

Bishop Frank Caggiano provides spiritual guidance, wisdom and insights with each module topic for Confirmation candidates.

View Bishop Frank’s videos.

Conversation Starters

At the end of each module we provide detail questions that you as a sponsor can use as discussion topics.

These questions we provided are broad, from your own experiences to activities and interactions that the Confirmation candidates just reviewed.

See an example.

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Module Overview

To the right, is a breakdown of each module and how it corresponds to the young person you are sponsoring. To read more about the modules select the button displayed on the video.

To view all videos that are featured in this course, go to media library page.

Explore Student Course Called to Mercy

This course will take your students on a real life journey while correlating them to Jesus’s teachings and help build a strong foundation. Learn more about the course’s curriculum and values:

  • ✓ What is True Happiness
  • ✓ Courage to do What’s Right
  • ✓ How to Live the Call to Mercy
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