Module 7: It’s Me and We

This module allows sponsors to explore a common wonderment of many young people: Do I really need to be part of a community, the Church, to follow the call to mercy? Both the young people and sponsors first consider the ways they already live all aspects of their lives as part of a team, a group, or a community.

Then they explore models of the Church that expand their childhood notion of the Church as just a place where we go to Mass, arriving at a broader, more mature vision of the Church. Bishop Frank tackles the question and explores the idea of what it means when we ask, Am I more spiritual or more religious?—a common wonderment of young people. Ultimately, Bishop Frank leads them to think about that question in a new way and to think about how the community of the Church can support the authentic spiritual search for God. Sponsors are then led to reflect on not only how we need the Church but also how the Church needs us to fulfill its mission of being a witness and sacrament in the world.