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Called to Mercy an Online Confirmation Course

Called to Mercy’s Confirmation curriculum combines the flexibility of digital learning with the power of community interaction. The result: engaging, relevant, and deeply reflective opportunities for a true spiritual conversion to lives that give witness to Jesus’ call and the Church’s mission of mercy.

On this page, you’ll be able to dive deeper to discover all that Called to Mercy offers. The program balances 10 online modules with 5 in-person events and an optional retreat. Youth can immerse themselves in Confirmation preparation anytime and anywhere, while still having an interactive experience with their peers. This accessibility and flexibility allows you to focus your face-to-face time on meaningful conversation and spiritual conversion.

General Info
Length: 10 Modules
Age Group: Adolescent
Interactive Glossary of Saints:
Director’s Manual:
MissionEighty5 music download:
Catholic Youth Bible: Gospel of Luke pocket gospel

Course Outline & Overview

Gathered Community Sessions

Confirmation Curriculum Schedule - How the 10 online modules and gathered sessions integrate and flow

The five gathered sessions are interspersed throughout the preparation process to reinforce themes from the Confirmation curriculum, build community, and help teens put into practice the things they have been learning.

Session 1: Parent/Guardian and Young Person Introductory Session
• Overview and introduction to Called to Mercy

Session 2: Called to Serve
• Choosing a work of mercy that the group will engage in through a communal day of service

Session 3: Putting into Practice
• Community building and reflection on the call of living faith

Session 4: Service Day
• All-day service session (planned during Session 2)

Session 5: Mystagogia
• Post-Confirmation gathering to reflect and consider “what’s next?”

• The optional full-day retreat (with an overnight option) is designed to help young people enter a more contemplative and reflective period. This Confirmation retreat focuses on the theme of mercy and allows young people to explore their own stories of encounters with mercy in their lives.


Meet Our Guides

Shawn, Lauren and Karen are the guides who will accompany and lead Confirmation candidates through the 10 online learning modules of Called to Mercy. They will encounter us throughout the Confirmation program in short videos as well as through written dialogue that looks like text messages.

We set the tone and direction for each module, and we share our thoughts, insights and invite the young people to do the same. 

Bishop Frank Caggiano

Frank Caggiano was born in Brooklyn, New York, to Italian immigrants parents. His favorite part about the neighbor he grew up in, was knowing all his friends and having them all live near by.

Bishop Frank Caggiano describes his personal and spiritual experiences from his own life to the Confirmation candidates in a light-hearted fashion. He offers the “catechesis” in each module.

View Bishop Frank’s videos.

Prayerful Reflection

At the end of each module the course has a prayerful reflection activity for Confirmation candidates to participate independently or together.

Each prayer has a corresponding scripture, quote or music video from MissionEighty5 that welcomes a deeper and more honest reflection.

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Module Overview

Called to Mercy’s online learning modules can be accessed from any browser or device, allowing leaders to reach young people despite their busy schedules. Each module engages participants with learning activities and real-life scenarios that will grab young people’s attention, regardless of their learning style or personality type. And the digital platform breaks down social inhibition and welcomes deeper and more honest sharing by removing any sense of social pressure and judgment.

To view more videos, go to media library page.

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