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eLearning Approach

Called to Mercy’s online learning modules can be accessed from any browser or device, allowing leaders to reach young people despite their busy schedules. Each module engages participants with learning activities and real-life scenarios that will grab young people’s attention, regardless of their learning style or personality type. And the digital platform breaks down social inhibition and welcomes deeper and more honest sharing by removing any sense of social pressure and judgment.

Interactive elements and responses keep students engaged and allow you to lead quality classroom discussions that dig deeper. Students can process material at their own pace while still allowing you to pause, summarize, supplement, or stress particular topics. The program elicits higher engagement levels than passive learning methods like lectures, and empower you to be a “guide on the side” rather than a “sage on the stage.”

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Accessible Anytime Anywhere, for Instructors & Students

Accessible Anytime Anywhere, for Instructors & Students

Instructors Tools & Features

Group Responses

Online Individual & Group Responses

Direct, comment and lead online group or individual responses.

Progress Tracking

Progress Tracking

Track your students progress within the course or complete overview.


Note Taking & Download Documents

Make your own notes per section or course on items you would like to highlight or review later.

eLearning Student Experience

eLearning Student Experience

Called to Mercy eLearning course was created for individuals from all backgrounds and learning styles to understand fundamentals of what it means to be Catholic’s living called to mercy. The course encourages us to not just memorize faith, but make a difference by exploring, processing and discussing relevant issues that are happening within the world today.

Below are key elements in the confirmation course that provide active learning and inspiration:

  •  Applied Learning
  •  Student Engagement
  •  Online Group Interaction
  •  Inspiring Video Clips & Music Videos
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Explore Called to Mercy course and discover how the course helps students find true happiness, courage to do what’s right and how to live the called to mercy.

The Called to Mercy Sponsor course guides sponsors through in a mirrored version of the student’s course with online group interaction and conversation starters for their young person. To see more, visit the Sponsor course page.

See all the inspiring clips and music videos by going to Media Library page.

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