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Called to Mercy Confirmation Program


A Confirmation program that leads young people to recognize the encounter of mercy in their lives!


A Confirmation program that inspires young people to show mercy toward others—to be witnesses of mercy in their daily lives!


A Confirmation program that ignites a spiritual conversion in young people’s lives so that they joyfully say “yes” to lives of mercy!


A Confirmation program that invites young people to be confirmed into a community of mercy!

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Called to Mercy: a new kind of Confirmation program

Called to Mercy is a Confirmation program that combines the best of all learning experiences, tapping the strength and appeal of online learning with the power of interspersed, gathered, face-to-face sessions.

This Confirmation curriculum offers ten online learning modules, five gathered community-building sessions, and a retreat. The result: engaging, relevant, and deeply reflective opportunities for a true spiritual conversion to lives that give witness to Jesus’ call and the Church’s mission of mercy.

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Meets Confirmation candidates anytime, anywhere

Our proprietary eLearning website platform works on any device. This means Confirmation candidates can immerse themselves in the confirmation program experience whenever, wherever they need to.

Total Transparency

Our “Progress” tab allows catechists to easily check in on the progress of their Confirmation candidates, while the platform welcomes deeper and more honest sharing by removing the sense of social pressure and judgment.

Acts of mercy, personified

Confirmation curriculum that combines 10 online learning modules, 5 gathered sessions, and a retreat to bring to life God’s call of mercy in our lives.

Responsive Design

Called to Mercy is a responsive eLearning website that allows young people to easily access the online learning modules anytime, from anywhere, on any device that connects to the internet.

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Confirmation Program Online

Meet Our Guides

We are the guides who will accompany and lead Confirmation candidates through the 10 online learning modules of Called to Mercy. They will encounter us throughout the Confirmation program in short videos as well as through written dialogue that looks like text messages.

We are real people in real life—we actually exist—but we don’t interact with the young people in your confirmation program in a live way. Rather, we guide them virtually, through pre-recorded videos and scripts.

Our job is to help them navigate through each learning module. We set the tone and direction for each module, and we share our thoughts and insights and invite the young people to do the same. We have had a blast preparing all of our interactions for this program, and we hope Called to Mercy is an amazing journey for you and your Confimation candidates. 

Confirmation Program Guide Karen

Confirmation Program Guide Shawn

Confirmation Program Guide Lauren

Confirmation Program Music MissionEighty5

When we worked with teens to design Called to Mercy, one of the things we heard repeatedly was that the application must have music as part of the experience. We knew we could find existing music to use, but we decided to do something even more meaningful.

We put out a call to songwriters across the country and asked them to submit original songs that directly relate to the primary themes in each of the learning modules for Called to Mercy.

The result is seven original songs written, recorded, and produced exclusively for the young people enrolled in Called to Mercy.

Enjoy the Music