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We have so many new features in Called to Mercy. Fill out the information below to try the program for free and you’ll be set up to experience them. Whether you’re new to this program or have already started your review, we would love to show you some of the new features we have. Then, together we can start a revolution—a revolution of mercy!

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1. Do I need to know how many young people are in my class in order to register?

No! We can add in the quantity of young people later on. We know classes flex size and have done our best to create an experience that will allow you to easily change the number in your class.

2. Do I need to have everyone’s email address before I get started?

Nope! When you register, you’ll get a Starter Kit. In the Kit is the web address to share with your students, who will self-register once they have the course code. Easy!


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